Utrolig, good song

スゴむ曲です~ I’ve been listening to this at least 20 times now

And it goes like~

I been a bit lazy when it comes to Soukai no Oujotachi, i sure as hell want to get done that U-boat fight, but since i feel like i need to do it 15 times to get it done(probably less)i just haven’t continued it..

Sniper Elite 3

Uwa, so my friend got me to buy another game we could co-op together. Seemly we are goingΒ  to play out the night and since it’s morning now i better head to bed so i can be up tonight. o_O This is a bit wrong.

Anyway, i played 3 missions just to test it out, and before i knew it, it was morning!


Huhuh, he probably won’t except my skills tonight~ Ugh, that sounded bad.

Boring days

I haven’t gotten my hypes up for much these past days, i really need to do something more entertaining. I just can’t seem to enjoy watching more dexter, nor can i get myself to start any visual novels :/ Ge.

A little music

Life is a road i wanna keep going~

Static Vision/Visual snow

Hey everyone, hopefully you can share your story about how you noticed your visual snow with this fellow TV watcher! I recently developed Visual snow to “Stage 2” i think? I think i started having it in 2010(was around 15-16 years then)but at that time i saw it only in the dark. It probably gradually increased through 2010 until i saw it constantly in the dark at the end of the year(i really spent a lot of time in front of the computer because i played world of warcraft). And whenever i had been in a place with light for a long time and suddenly went into a dark place i saw this i now call

“Visual snow dark version”

Visual dark







I see this in dark, the darker the room the stronger this usually gets. In 2011 i had a weird period where i needed a completely dark room to be able to sleep comfortably. My curtains was strong enough to block even the sun in the middle of the day(I had my curtains open at daytime, i wasn’t that anti-social) just usually was up late and needed an extra long morning to get up sometimes. However i also notice that the longer i stay in the completely dark room after being in a bright over, the dark static clams a bit down, doesn’t disappear completely, but at last it isn’t that intense. I’ve also never been afraid of the Dark static because i thought it was something everyone saw in the dark(Rather than scared, i probably thought it was awesome)Don’t remember too well, but scared of it was the last thing. Like i said, in 2011 i had a completely dark sleeping period, so whenever i went to bed or woke up the Dark static was there, i am pretty sure i got on good terms with it during my wow period and in 2011. And whenever i went into a bright room the static completely disappeared, until now that is.

I’ve now developed “Visual snow stage 2” which i call it, because now i see static in a room with light.

The new white static looks like this just VERY VERY weaker. It’s billion small dots which look white, so small and i can’t clearly grasp it’s color.

White versionJust like the Dark static gradually became stronger through 2010, i think this new white static started in beginning of 2014. This new static is nearly invisible, it doesn’t block my view at all, i can see all colors and all objects, doesn’t stop me from looking at objects at distant either, but if i focus i can see the white static whenever i want, at almost all objects expect light(i will come to that part) i didn’t really bother with this near invisible static, when i saw it more clearly than other days i just thought i was tired(might be the case) until 2 days ago when it suddenly became very clear the rest of the day and the day after that. Not nearly as clear as the picture, but just more noticeable than other times. Thought today i can’t see it as strong as yesterday, i might be able to escape the fate of that picture…hopefully πŸ˜›

Now then, i said that i see static everywhere except light, that’s true.


I don’t see static when looking at light sources. The moon, stars, and the sun and sky is immune to the static both the night and day version. When i look at lamps or near the lamp the static doesn’t appear, but if look at very bright objects i get an After image of them, all people do, right? I don’t see the Static in water either, when i shower i almost don’t see it at all. Nor when i look at my glass.



I’ve never needed glasses had a few tests on that, the last check was 2013 and i see just fine. I’ve been using a pills for a while to be able to sleep at night(since 2010), not sure if that is the cause, doubt it, more than anything i think it might be all the time i have been using in front of the computer, i wouldn’t be surprised if this was the actual cause of it(i though this for a while before i heard about Visual snow) however after reading around it seems like some people have had this for their entire life, which made me think that i might had it too..just noticing it really late. The strange thing is that, i never had Tinnitus nor many of the other problems people said they had in their comments in other blogs.

After reading a bit on the Visual snow wiki i think the only problems i have in common with the saying, is After images(looking at very bright object for a long time) and Floaters(Closing my eyes real hard or rubbing them gives me them, not something that pops up at itself) Guess i should also add in that i am not a drug user, only a few pills to be able to sleep at night.

So, this is my story about this weird symptom(if you would call it that) if you have Visual snow yourself, could you please tell me how it started so maybe we can dig up how this problem started or the cause of it, heck i bet even a few finds this awesome but there are probably more people that finds them annoying. If you tell your story we might be able to come to the bottom of this. πŸ˜›