Coμ – Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku – in the end we’re all alone

“But so what” and “Everyone need fairy tales”, “Promises is made to be broken”  There is no gentle kingdom.. Man, this VN was special. I read common and benio route in August 2013 and the others except mayuki in march this year. I’ll give it a 8 probably because of that.

But in the end he kept his promisePrince


Hm, there are a lot of games on my list that is screaming なぜだああああ!! right now, but..meh, I’ll eat u high on the list guys when i want..

And Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, here i come! I’m gonna be a shepherd~


Aaand, da main character. Finally some real protagonist, eh. べっかんこう’s Art is awe as usual.

d2But i must say, talk about damn high graphics.. First thought it was just another huge game, but those 7gig did have an purpose. I don’t even need to go outside and enjoy the sun anymore. I can breath fresh air in this game.. I think i am going to take a vacation from real life and go on a trip into this one for a week.


And the protagonist even saves a girl with a boob grab!

d4d5What a hero!.. Protagonists is meant to save girls by eventually holding their boobs in the end, 間違いない. And by touching her boobs she is turn into a Heroine! – Usually set in stone that rule.

Why do i always take a sip of coffee right before something happens that make me laugh.. Couldn’t help giggle over this one

d8Oh, and 生徒会長さまis voiced by 波奈束風景, knew it when i heard her voice. Shizuku from Evolimit lies in the force of that voice.

d9Persisting president want kakei to join the Student council, however kakei says he will eventually go insane if he doesn’t keep reading books. I just keep loving this guy.

d10Ehhh, oooohh, welll. Don’t really enjoy characters like her, even kakei agrees. Too bad shizuku, i am sorry. :( Eh, moving on, Suzuki Kana saves atmosphere. Probably one of the main Tsukkomi character in the game.

d11I guess this is where most eroge players would go all “Kawaaaii” But i have grown used to each game and anime having at least one of those, so cuteness doesn’t apply to me anymore really. But, so long the character is funny is what counts for me.

Unfortunately for kakei this Sakuraba Tamamo girl shows up, same girl who was sitting beside Shirasaki in class. And she’s angry.

d12d13d14This is bad kakei, she’s blacking mailing you. And you suck at making excuses. Fortunately she sneezes so you can make a run for it.


But guess what? shirasaki have already developed stockholm syndrome!d16I’ve been kidding around for a bit now, truth is, she asked tamamo to get kakei so she could thank him for saving her from the train accident, seemly she have convinced herself that he wasn’t a molester. But tamamo got the wrong idea, she thought shirasaki wanted an apologize from takei, instead of thanking him. d17d18d19Must be tough to be shirasaki, even her best friend is all over her boobs. In the end she was brainwashed into “嫌じゃなかった”

And the true main character have arrived!d22

Woah, what a long picture post, i need to stop taking screenshots and actually start the reading pace.


Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~

I’ve heard so much crazy stuff about this VN and it have been on my list for a while, just low down on it. But the high scores and tales have reached my hears, thus it’s higher priority on my list.

3654gfAlso heard the VN is pretty dark stuff, mind-fucking stuff. But it might be worth it… Or i might really regret starting it at some point.

As always, the japs know how to make the most delicious soundtracks.