Just finished Miki route – Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu

This VN is very easy to read so this went fast. Miki’s route was a typical teen romance from her side, Rike is one of the most mature, if not the maturest protagonist i ever come over in a VN. Then again, you can almost call him an old man.. all the times he went back in time to repeat something has earn him some years. I like this dude quite much, probably explaining the marathon.

Not a strong route, i didn’t have any expectations actually. A bit drama here and there, Atsushi being very over-protective of Miki and his self-sacrifice nature for her is what her route is mostly focused on. And Rike, the protagonist, his job is of course to solve those problems.

4f34t3The story just killed off Shino the second i headed into Miki’s route and the depression problem was fixed over dinner. Never heard anything more from the main heroine, nor any of the others except one time Miki brought Airi over to the restaurant. I though that the story was going to put in more drama by putting in something like, one of the parents coming back? and making stuff all worse there, but didn’t happen.

Rike fixing Atsushi’s self-sacrificing personality, or at last clamming the dude a bit down, and making a plan to make him take some time for himself, thus him and Miki getting kasumi and Atsushi together, a love he didn’t think would come true because he had to watch over Miki. And after that Miki realizing she had fallen in love with Rike, slowly building up her courage to confess, and eventually did, Rike accepted her confession, Atsushi’s hilarious reaction and a sweet happy ending.


Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete

Pew, woah, so i decided to read quick through this one as it’s anime is airing in a few days, and i haven’t posted about visual novels in like forever.

3e33I mainly went for it as i wanted to know how the anime would end up, now i am pretty interested in how they will handle it, probably a 12-13 episodes with Yui’s route… Still, i wonder how many times we will see the bus in the anime.

I can’t say it was highly enjoyable, the art was superb, but the protagonist wasn’t to my liking (I’m VERY picky about my protagonists) as usual, but it wasn’t horrible either. Recommend a try for anyone who is up for some time travel.

Utrolig, good song

スゴイ曲です~ I’ve been listening to this at least 20 times now

And it goes like~

I been a bit lazy when it comes to Soukai no Oujotachi, i sure as hell want to get done that U-boat fight, but since i feel like i need to do it 15 times to get it done(probably less)i just haven’t continued it..