Tojita Sekai no Tori Colony Finished

Okay, to be perfectly honest, this game was bad. But i did enjoy parts of it. What i liked most was probably some of the heroines, notably Inori and korone. Those characters was enjoyable. Bad stuff was:  The plot was horrible. And the protagonist wasn’t likeable to me. And the fact that the heroines was in the loop too was hinted here and there, but i didn’t think they had experienced it over 100 times. And the protagonist didn’t do any huge changes in the loops, rather just small once, even thought he ended up with different heroines by doing that, i still wish there was choices that would take the loop to a whole new level. Even though there was new choices after each loop none of them made the protagonist a Maou or a Mecha pilot… Alright, okay. I just wanted the dude to be badass at some point.

So yeah, minato is now leading his new life in the world he choose for himself and his four eve’s.


Too bad there wasn’t any Pregnancy or kids ending in that new world. That would be something to add to the good list at least. :P

Futari no Qualia

So i looked over the titles of the season and surprisingly Quaila caught my interest, so i might take a sneak peek into the Shoujo Ai territory soon.

It’s an cross over game with it’s twin Hitori no Qualia by 10miles. The art looks gorgeous and seemly it’s a short game, probably a sweet small love tale of two girls, so i doubt i will have any trouble playing it even if it gets boring sometimes.



Due to circumstances, a girl that lives alone in a singel apartment.
A student who works in the shop “friendly cheap sweets” While attending Amaritani Academy.
She’s called Fushigi-chan by her classmates, she have few friends.

After she took in Ginza, they’re secret girl life starts.






That night the beautiful girl collapsed in a back ally, she’s was saved by natsume.
Taking a liking to natsume, she started freeloading at her place.
frankly and a bit rude, but she means no offense.

And fine looking breasts.

Tojita Sekai no Tori Colony

Alright, finally some time loop game that looks promising. I read an review on gangre’s blog so it’s thanks to him that i found it. I am quite fond of loop games if the protagonist is alright, if he can change for each loop and do something more interesting, correct his mistakes in the past loops, grow smarter after each loop. That’s what i would like to see.

I’ll have to see when i start this thought. I got a few more VN’s in the queue after all.


Coμ – Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku – in the end we’re all alone

“But so what” and “Everyone need fairy tales”, “Promises is made to be broken”  There is no gentle kingdom.. Man, this VN was special. I read common and benio route in August 2013 and the others except mayuki in march this year. I’ll give it a 8 probably because of that.

But in the end he kept his promisePrince