Utrolig, good song

スゴイ曲です~ I’ve been listening to this at least 20 times now

And it goes like~

I been a bit lazy when it comes to Soukai no Oujotachi, i sure as hell want to get done that U-boat fight, but since i feel like i need to do it 15 times to get it done(probably less)i just haven’t continued it..

Soukai no Oujotachi

So i just started Soukai no Oujotachi, and i love it! This is a change of events when it comes to visual novels. A real U-boat story from ww2! And top of it all, i am a captain of a boat full of girls, and you actually need to do statistics to sink ships. This was a gem to me.


Man this is plain out awesome. I never expected to find this so entertaining. Maybe i should join the navy and head for a captain career.

56ggfddI feel like a real captain playing this game. Now i need to watch more U-boat movies. o_O this might be bad… maybe a new habit is developing?


edit: YOU KNOW UR FUCKED WHEN ウルリケ GOES:敵艦の攻撃により損傷甚大 ! I’ve failed over 10 times now, how do i sink this fucker?


Tojita Sekai no Tori Colony Finished

Okay, to be perfectly honest, this game was bad. But i did enjoy parts of it. What i liked most was probably some of the heroines, notably Inori and korone. Those characters was enjoyable. Bad stuff was:  The plot was horrible. And the protagonist wasn’t likeable to me. And the fact that the heroines was in the loop too was hinted here and there, but i didn’t think they had experienced it over 100 times. And the protagonist didn’t do any huge changes in the loops, rather just small once, even thought he ended up with different heroines by doing that, i still wish there was choices that would take the loop to a whole new level. Even though there was new choices after each loop none of them made the protagonist a Maou or a Mecha pilot… Alright, okay. I just wanted the dude to be badass at some point.

So yeah, minato is now leading his new life in the world he choose for himself and his four eve’s.


Too bad there wasn’t any Pregnancy or kids ending in that new world. That would be something to add to the good list at least. :P